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Unique Cat Food Bowls – Cat loves to eat so much, providing them with food on time is important, otherwise your cat will got hangry. Providing food bowl for your cat can be so useful to build your cat’s habit. Where to eat and what time. You can use a normal food bowl or automatic feed if you are afraid to feed your cat.

Check out our cute and unique cat food bowl for your lovely feline friends!

1. Elegant cat food bowl stand

cat bowl

This food bowl stand includes two bowls for free. The stand lets you put the bowl so that it helps the cats to eat neatly. Also, its shape allows the cat to eat comfortably both from the floor or from the top of the stand.

2. Personalized cat food bowl

best cat bowls for messy eaters

Some pet owners own more than one pet. With this personalized cat food bowl, you can teach your cat and the other pets to eat only from their own bowl.

3. Wall cat food bowl

necoichi raised cat food bowlnecoichi raised cat food bowl

This food bowl can be attached to the wall. Therefore, it allows you to have a fixed spot for your cat to eat. And, since the bowl is stainless steel, it won’t break when falling.

4. Mini water fountain bowl

best cat bowls

Are you looking for something more than just a water bowl for your cat? This bowl has a small pumping system that creates three types of water flows. Undoubtedly, your cat will find this mini water fountain very interesting.

5. Mini water fountain and food bowl

designer cat bowls

This bowl provides an all-in-one package for your cat’s food and drink. You can put the kitten food and the water in this one bowl. Moreover, the water part has a filtration and a pumping system that can create a small fountain inside the bowl.

6. Diet food bowl

cat bowl 2020

Afraid of your cat getting fat? Don’t worry. With this food bowl, you can make your cat eat slower. It has four non-slip mats that can prevent the bowl from moving too much, which can create a mess. Also, it comes with six different color variants that you can choose.

7. Elevated double pet bowl

petrageous cat bowls

The thing that makes this double pet bowl special is the design of the base. It is tilted at a 15-degree angle to reduce cervical vertebra compression and ensure that your cat eats healthily. Aside from that, the double bowl design also allows you to put food and drink in one place.

8. Automatic cat feeder

elevated cat bowl

Some pet owners are so busy that they sometimes can’t feed their cats on time. Although automatic, it doesn’t need electricity. It uses gravity to release food and water. This cat feeder can provide food and water for the cats when they are hungry or thirsty. You only need to teach your cat how to use it.

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