Cute Cat Scratching Post

Alice Clayton

Cute Cat Scratching Post – A scratching post is super essential for a cat. Your cat needs an outlet for their nature to scratch. Providing a scratching post will save your furniture and carpet from destruction. This post is also useful for your cat to do exercise and stretching, by the mean, it will beneficial for you cat health.


1. Scratcher cat house

cat scratching post

This is a perfect choice for cat owners who want not only a scratching post, but also a playground for their cats. It has an attractive design, neutral color, and is made from recyclable material. You can also find this DIY cat house project in here.

2. Scratching Pad for Sofa

cat scratching post best

The sofa is one of the most susceptible places to the cat’s claw. This scratching pad lets your cat have a scratching post but also protects your sofa. Undeniably, this is must-have indoor cat care.

3. Minimal wall-mounted Scratcher

cat scratching post diy

Since this scratcher can be mounted to the wall, it doesn’t need much space. It has a straightforward design and shed-resistant material that makes it blend well with the environment and has less messy fraying.

4. Rope Ball Scratcher

cat scratching post on amazon

This ball scratcher not only lets your cat stretch its claws, but it also allows you to move it anywhere needed quickly. You can also use it to play with your cat with this scratcher.

5. Corrugated Cat Scratcher

cat scratching post tree

Because of its beautiful shape, this cat scratcher can also improve your home’s aesthetics. Its shape is also excellent for the cat to play around it and scratch anywhere it likes.

6. Cat Scratcher with Toys

cat scratching post large

Not only does this scratcher let your cat scratch their claws on it, but it also has little toys to play with. These small rolling balls can keep the cats focused and entertained.

7. Cactus Scratcher Post

cat scratching post cheap

Some cats tend to be playful and jumpy. This cactus scratcher can be the place where cats can play, scratch their claws, and perch on the top. Without a doubt, this is one of the best things to buy for a cat.

8. Scratching Post with Hammock

cat scratching post modern

This scratcher keeps cats from damaging your furniture, while also lets them rest in the hammock when they are tired. Its durable and long-lasting material makes it perfectly safe for the cats to play around.

9. DJ cat scratching toy

cat scratching post with bed

Some people may be looking for unusual but cool cat toys for their cats. This cat scratcher lets your cat be a DJ at home. Without a doubt, this will add a sense of humor to your home interior.

10. Mixtape cat scratcher

cat scratching post cardboard

This mixtape-shaped cat scratcher is great to keep your cats away from carpets while also enhancing the home’s interior. It’s going to be an interesting item to look at for new people visiting the home.

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