Unique Cute Cat Collars

Alice Clayton

Cute Cat Collars – Roaming is cat nature that cannot be omitted, even it is a house cat. The use of collar can help you or you neighbor to identify your cat if they play too far away from your house. You can also use collar as beautiful accessories and make your cat looks fresh and cute. Here we compile unique cat collar you can buy on internet:

1. Sushi sashimi cat collar

cat collar

Get one of these unique breakaway collars to improve your cat’s look. This breakaway collar has sushi and sashimi prints on its surface to display your cat’s love for fish meat. Moreover, this breakaway collar has a small bell to let you know if your cat is around. The bell comes with a few color options that you can personally choose. The quick-release buckle for the collar also comes with different color options.

2. Bee cat collar

breakaway cat collars

The thing that makes this breakaway collar unique is the bee prints on its 100% cotton fabric material. It also comes with a silver bell that adds a bit of elegance to your cat’s look. However, the bell doesn’t produce a loud sound, but you can always ask the seller to add an extra bell or use a bigger one. This collar comes with three sizes, but you can also ask the seller if you need a size alternative.

3.Dark floral bow tie cat collar

fancy cat collars

This handmade breakaway collar has floral prints that make it a perfect accessory for your cat in the summer. It’s made from high-quality cotton fabric with lightweight components, which makes it comfortable for the cat. It also has a removable bunny ear bow tie that can make your cat even prettier than ever before. Furthermore, this adjustable collar also features an anti-slip buckle to prevent the collar from self-adjusting its length.

4. Scarf-like cat collar

Want your car to look a little bit funky? Make it wear one of these cool-looking scarf-like collars. Compared to the previous ones, this collar is one of the cheapest ones. Although it’s cheap, it’s made from quality fabric that your cat will find cozy to wear.

It offers six color alternatives that you can choose based on your taste and features an adjustable length. However, it doesn’t feature a breakaway buckle, so you might not be able to remove it quickly when you need to.

5. Glow in the dark cat collar

chewy cat collars

Some cat owners, especially the ones with dark-colored cats, might be having a hard time seeing their cats in the dark. Fortunately, this collar offers a cheap and easy solution to solve that issue. It has a luminescent feature that will help you avoid stepping on your cats at night. Not only very practical at night, but it also looks good during the day. It has colored mice prints and a cute pendant.

6. Stylish tie cat collar

cat collar tags

Want to bring your cat to a formal party or a business trip? Make your cat ready for professional affairs by wearing this tie-like cat collar. It comes with various styles and stripes alternatives that you can pick for your cat. Some of the options even have bells as an extra feature. Moreover, it’s mostly made from fabric, so it should be more pleasant to wear than other collar materials like rubber and leather.

7. Glamorous flower cat collar

This beautifully handmade cat collar is perfect for your cat to wear on special occasions. Not only this collar will make your cat prettier, but it can also add a retro and glamorous look to your cat. It features a breakaway buckle that many cat owners will find very useful. It also offers five color variants and bell addition.

8. Removable flower cat collar

personalized cat collars

This collar has a big flower on the front that will undeniably make your cat even more adorable than before. And although the flower seems quite big, you can remove it easily whenever your cat starts to feel uneasy wearing it. This cat collar is made from teal daisy and is sewn on black polypropylene webbing, which makes it more reliable and durable. Also, it features a small bell and a breakaway buckle.

9. Bright floral bow tie cat collar

cool cat gear

We have presented the dark one earlier, and this one is its lighter alternative. This breakaway collar has a slightly wider surface and different bow tie type. The tie is connected to the collar using an elastic strap, which makes it easy to remove. It uses pure cotton fabric to avoid harming your cat’s skin. Moreover, it is easy to care and wash because of its durable and sturdy material.

10. Retro cat collar

This handcrafted cat collar has lots of detail. Not only it uses high-quality components, but it also utilizes durable hardware and top quality cork webbing. And even though it’s sturdy, it has a soft feel that helps your cat to feel comfortable. It also has three color options with a similar retro color tone, which is perfect for many retro-style lovers. And the best of all, the seller lets you add your cat’s name and your phone number on it.

11. Cat collar with traditional kimono print

The traditional kimono print is not the only thing that makes this collar unique, but it also has a unique shape. It’s made with cotton, polyester, and PVC to ensure comfort and durability. This beautifully crafted breakaway collar will add a refreshing cultural touch to your lovely cat.

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