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Unique Cat Toys – Cat toys is useful as an exercise tools. The preserved energy should be used, otherwise your cat will put on weight like a Garfield. Toy can help your cat to keep moving and jumping around. It is also funny and cute to see them playing around. Check out out unique and attractive cat toy compilation.

1. Hexagonal cat shelves

unusual cat toys

Want to add a resting place for your cat and also a beautiful display in your home? These cat shelves can be an excellent solution for that. It can work as both a kitten bed and a place to play. It will entertain any cat in no time, especially the jumpy ones. Also, its hexagonal shape will add a unique look and a new focal point for guests in the house.

2. Baguette cat toys

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Many cats get excited over small toys. These adorable baguette toys will undeniably make your cats energetic and entertained. Each of them has over two tablespoons of certified organic catnip with polyester fiberfill, making it eco-friendly and safe to play. Also, they come in two variants that you can choose, white and whole wheat.

3. Automatic cat laser toy

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Cat owners may not have time to play with their cats when they are busy. This automatic laser toy will keep your cat active and entertained when you are not around. Not only it has fully adjustable settings, but it also has an anti-collision design that makes it safe for pets. Moreover, it uses USB charging instead of batteries, which makes it time-efficient and eco-friendly.

4. Electric fish cat toy

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Sometimes cats find fish-shaped kitten toys to be more attractive than the others. This toy, however, doesn’t only look like a fish but also moves like one. It is filled with cotton and organic catnip, which makes it perfect for biting, chewing, and kicking. It uses quality plush fabric and a rechargeable battery, which makes this toy safe for both the cats and the environment.

5. Chase and catch cat toy

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This toy may look like a ladybug, but it works as a substitute for a mouse. With three AAA batteries, this electric ladybug can run fast and keep your cat busy and delighted. It will only move when the cat is getting closer to it, which will make your cat curious and try to catch it. Furthermore, it also plays music and has attractive lighting on the top.

6. Windmill spinning cat toy

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This spinner cat toy can be placed wherever you want. Since it uses a suction cup base, it can be put on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It has a soft bulge in the center that can be used by the cats to scratch their face or brush their teeth. Also, it has two transparent bins that can store small toys inside, like luminous balls, for example.

7. Squeaky food and vegetable cat toys

best toys for cats alone

If your cat loves soft and squeaky toys, these toys can be excellent additions to its toys collection. They are not too small and not too big either, which makes it perfectly huggable for the cat. They have various vegetables and food shapes, such as broccoli, cucumber, ice cream, shrimp, and poached egg.

8. Interactive maze & puzzle for cats

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You were looking for a toy that can hone your cat’s ability? This toy can be an excellent pick. It has three difficulty levels that will challenge your cat to retrieve the hidden rewards. The rewards can be anything that your cat loves, from cat treats to small luminous balls. Many veterinarians recommend this puzzle box as an exercise toy to manage your cat’s weight and eating habits.

9. Cat’s fitness robot

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This interactive robot can play with your cat while you are away. Not only can you schedule the playtime, but you can also use it to toss treats and monitor your cat’s health and activities. It has 16 different play modes and durable design, which makes it an excellent company for your cat. Undoubtedly, this is one of the must-have cat essentials for busy cat owners.

10. Rotatable catnip balls

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This rotating toy comes with licking treats that are healthy and safe for cats. The lickable balls can help clean the cats’ teeth while also increasing their appetite and promoting digestion. Indeed, toys like this are the things cats need to be happy.

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