20+ Unique & Cute Cat Bed for your Lovely Kitties

Alice Clayton

cute cat bed

Cute Cat Bed – Cat Bed is another essential things you should have when thinking of having a cat. Cat loves sleep so much, just like us. They spend almost two-third of their life to sleep. That is why nice comfy bed will make your cat happy.

Not only for your cat’s sake, it also helps you to build your kitties habit to sleep in one place only, so you wont bother to clean those lying fur.

Looking for cute bed for your cute kitties, here are 20 cat bed ideas for you!

1. I love Pizza!

cute cat bed

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy PIZZA(blanket) and that’s kinda the same thing :D. Your cat will never go hungry anymore. 

2. Salmon Cat Bed

cat bed cute

The realistic salmon design will have your pets drooling in their sleep! This bed is suitable for small cats/kittens. 

3. Cat Bed on window

cat bed on window

This cat hammock provides a safe 360°sunbath for cats, allow your cat to enjoy the sunshine comfortably. To stick on the window or wall, it is  equipped with suction cup which can suck on the smooth surface. 

4. Cat Bed Cave

cat bed heated

This bed is named “Meyou cat beds”, a beautiful and functional bed. Meyou is Handcraft product that designed to compliment your lifestyle and keep your cat cozy. It is made in Paris using the finest natural materials solid wood, metal, cotton and wool. The design has an architectural feel and would look amazing in your modern house.  You can find it on catevolution instagram. 

5. Cat Bed Tent

cat bed cave

This is absolutely beautiful, make your cat feel like in a vacation by using this beachy teepee theme. Check out their instagram if you are interested. 

6. Calming Cat Bed

cat bed best

This hooded cat bed gives your furry friends some privacy! They feel safe and sheltered, improving their overall comfort. You cat will have a good rest and better mood if they have good sleep quality. 

7. Banana Cat Bed

cat bed petsmart

Here is another cute cat bed you can buy. Your cat will looks more cuter inside this banana bed. The peelable part allows your cat to sneak in and out while still having the privacy they require. 

8. Window Hanging Cat Bed

cat bed for window

This cat bed is not only saving your room space but also provide a great view for your cat to enjoy the sunny day and offer your cat a front-row view of nature, weather, people etc.

9. Self Warming Cat Bed


This cat bed is made by self-warming Fabric,  crystal velvet, filling: high elastic cotton, very soft and warm to keep your pet away from the cold. The design is super cute, appropriate for your decorative element inside your house. 

10. Comfy Pumpkin Cat Bed

cat bed cheap

This plush pumpkin is cute decoration for your house and a great Halloween present for your pet.The fluffy surface will sure make your cat feel nice to enjoy their time inside their nest. 

11. Self-Warming Cat Sleeping Bag

cat bed crochet

A cute sleeping bag keeps instant and constant warmth for your cat inside. it will provide a safe feeling for young pets, who are certainly willing to enjoy staying inside. 

12. Funny Cat Bed

cute cat bedding set

 Lovely fruit tart cat bed designed, It’s not just a pet’s bedding house, unique piece of art to decorate your room. It will sure comfy, warm and delicious 😀

13. Cat Rocking Chair

cat bed house

This rocking chair can is nice place for your cat to play and take a nap!

15. Trixie Cat Calming Bed

cat bed igloo

The unique design of Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower make it ideal for small spaces. You can simply fold shut for quick and easy storage. While in use, it will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. 

15. Funny Tart Bed

cat bed teepee

The cute tart and all kinds of colorful fruit shapes will attract the attention of pets,relieve the boredom of your pet. 

16. Creative Toast Cat Cushion Bed

cat bed donut

The distinctive chic tasteful toast design pattern looks like real delicious bread. It is very good to attract the cats to stay on them. Its look super cute and comfy to your cat. 

17. I am Inside the TV

cat bed basket

If you love to share your kitties in Instagram, your cat will absolutely looks cute inside this TV condo. You can make it as a great gift for owners of any cats or small pets!

18. Fluffy Rat Cat Mat

cat bed sheets

Cat owners are in awe at how much their cats love this mouse caricature bed! A unique patented pet bed for kittens and full grown cats Cozy cat bed that looks so cute on furniture! It is super useful to keep cat hair off furniture and other surfaces (where cats like to lay) Easily transportable for travel. 

19. Kitty Ball Cat Bed

cat bed luxury

Indulge your cat’s desire for security and height while adding a unique, dome-shaped piece of furniture to your decor at the same time. This Ball Bed combines off the ground comfort and easy accessibility with remarkable design that will complement any home furnishing and decoration.

20. Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post

cat bed tree

This cat house is a modern looking natural, made by recyclable paper rope, cat tree condo with a perch. This is a cat bed with a stylish design that flows with your home decor. Satisfies the needs of fussy felines and the aesthetic tastes of cat lovers! 


Thats all the cute and unique cat bed ideas for your inspiration. Thank for your support by sharing this article! 

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