20+ Unique Cat Tree Ideas

Alice Clayton

Unique cat tree – Hey you cat lover! Another important thing you need to prepare for your feline friend is cat tree. It is essential especially if your cat loves to scratch your furniture and jump over the kitchen counter.

Here is why your cat need to have a cat tree:

  1. Provide cat personal space. Cat is quite different with dog in term of social life, it is not as sociable as dog. They love to being alone sometimes, especially if there is other pet at home. Cat tree will provide them a space.
  2. Entertaining. Cat loves to jump and climb as their needs of curiosity and entertainment. That is why you’ll find them jumping on the high closet or fridge. Cat tree will be able to anticipate that problems and give hours of endless fun for your kitty.
  3. Exercise. In order to maintain their weight, your kitties need to exercise by playing around and jump. Cat tree provides an arena for them to walk and play around with their toys.
  4. Increased Territory. Unlike human, cat make use the horizontal and vertical aspect of the environment as their territory. Kitties love to climb into high-raised furniture for hours because of their nature which is sense of control.

Unique Cat Tree Ideas

After knowing why you need to have one in your home, here are unique cat tree ideas for your inspiration. So that Its not only become cat playground, but also decorative element inside your house.

1. Fluffy Cat Tree


This is the picture of fluffy_gigi enjoying her time on a comfy fluffy pillow on her cat tree. Multiple stage allow her to climb up and do some exercise. 

2. Move-able Cat Tree

cat tree house

Benny looks so serious watching his surroundings. This 2 levels cat tree is not permanently attached, so  you can move it all around. 

3. Unique Cat Tree Furniture

cat condo

Another fluffy base for your fluffy kitties. The design is quite unique,  you can utilize it as one of your decorative element inside your house. 

4. Unique Diy Cat Tree

unique trunk and grass style cat tree

“Stay pawsitive and enjoy the long weekend!” That is how Nicki spent her time in quarantine with her lovely kitties. Her urban Cat Tree is so unique by utilizing the real tree trunk.

5. Simple Cat Tree

unique cat tree trunk

If you are interested with this perched cat tree, you can direly check out their Instagram for ordering it. 

6. Cat Tree Stylish

unique trunk and grass cat tree

“Mitaine and Pavlov. Napping on the Indust tree!” This cat tree looks modern with unlimited design as you can custom attach the elements. 

7. Unique Cat Tree Trunk

unique trunk and grass style cat tree

Pebble and Hazel love this cat tree so much. Scratching, climbing, playing and sleeping can be done in this lovely piece of art. 

8.Mushroom Cat Tree

unique cat tree with mushroom

Your kids love disney or fantasy theme? this cat tree can be an option. Hollywood Kitty Company provides multiple fantasy design of cat tree you can choose. Not only looks cute, its also comfy and fun for your kitties. 

9. Unique Trunk and Mushroom Cat Tree

unique cat tree for large cats

Here is another design Hollywood Kitty Company made. You can check their Instagram for more portfolio and order. 

10. Outdoor Cat Tree

unique cat tree house

If you are looking for outdoor cat tree, this design is so unique. Its like a window of cat tree that is attached on the wall. Sure it will catch an eye of everyone that is walking around your house because of its uniqueness. 

11. Cat Tree with Grass

unique cat tree trunk

Ajko posted the picture of her cat “Artemis” hiding inside the fake grass. The kitties loves to hide comfortably to recharge it energy . 

12. Modern Cat Tree

unique diy cat tree

This cat tree is made by WoodKocoura, A brand that makes handmade original products for cats with combination of A punch of creativity, uniqueness, charm and luxury. 

13. Diy Cat Tree

unique cat tree furniture

This is actually brilliant ideas to utilize existing element inside your house. It more than enough to provide space for your cat to play, exercise, and being alone. 

14. Unique Cat Tree with Tunnel

unique cat trees condos

This is not just a cat tree,but also cat scratch posts. Kay’s Cat&Kitten Scratchers produces Unique, Durable and High Quality cat scratch posts and cat furniture made by hand! 

15. Cat Tree with Hammock

most unique cat trees

This cat tree is not too small, not too big, but just right. This cat tree is equipped with hammock and scratching post that is made by waterproof plywood.  The cat tree is equipped with two large hammocks, a shelf and a thick pole. The first hammock is stretched between the arms of the frame, the second is hung below. Both the hammock cover and the platform cushion can be removed for washing. 

16. Inside the Forest

unique trunk and grass cat tree

This is the home of Alistair, Delilah, & Phoenix. This cat tree makes them think they live in high tree inside a forest. 

18. Unique Handmade Cat Trees

cat tree stylish

Here is another cat tree made by Woodkocoura. It is permanently attached to the wall, allow the kitties to climb and explore more space. 

18. Cat tree Trunk and grass

cat tree house

Pet Tree Houses craft natural indoor cat habitats . The trees are made from real trees, adorned with silk foliage to provide a life-like audible & visual experience. 

19. Hanging Bed


This DIY cat Tree project is done by Martin Holouš. The end result looks pretty amazing! I love the unique decorative element around it and of course the hanging hammock bed for the cat. 

20. Cat Tree House

cat trees

This is entirely DIY project made by somebody :D. You can see how they designed the project using Blender software, buying the stuff in IKEA, and the assembly process in this link

That is all the Unique Cat tree ideas, hope its useful for you. I really appreciate your support by sharing this article in your social media! thanks for reading and sharing! 😀

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