22 Cute Cat House Ideas

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Cute Cat House Ideas – Kitties love to stay and hide in warm and cozy place. I believe you don’t want to see them hiding inside you cupboard or under your bed. Giving them nice house to stay will make them happy. If you are looking for cute cat house ideas, you’re in the right place!

1. Cute Cat House Ideas

cat house from cardboard


Look at this cute cottage house design! You cat will look funny inside Red color Milk box shape. It can also be a good decoration inside your living room. Inside the house, your cat can find satisfying scratcher to play with.

2. Cat Teepee House

cat teepee house

This cat house has unique native American design that will boost your living room looks. Both you and your kitties will love it so much! This Teepee is perfect for outdoor and indoor usage, inside home, office, yard, camping, beach and more. 

3. Portable Fordable Cat House

cat play house

If you don’t have enough space, this portable cat house can be an option. This trixie house can be easily  fold shut for quick and easy storage.  This portable house provide condo, scratcher and also hanging tower for your lovely cat. 

4. Heated Cat Houses for Outdoor Cats in Winter

cat house outdoor

Keep your kitties dry and warm! This cat house comes with a heated pet mat. Your cat will love to hide inside during the fall and winter. The design is very cute, with fun house details like bricks, windows, shingles, and even a house number.

5. Cardboard Cat House

cat house indoor

This shiny pet house is constructed of recyclable superior strength corrugated cardboard. This house can hold any size cat up to 25 lbs. The house exterior uses colorful lamination which adds visual interest for your pet. Besides, that makes it easy to wipe clean with just a damp cloth.

6. Weatherproof Outdoor Wooden Cat House

cat house ideas

Give your furry friend a comfortable living space inside this wooden house. It has 2 storey with large side door for both in and out. In addition, balcony will be the best place for your cat to relax and spend most of their time. This house will protect your cat from outside danger like bitten by corn snake or fighting with neighor dog. 

7. 3 Storey Wooden Cat House

cat house design

This is another wooden cat house for more study and weatherproof purpose.  The house has 3-story with weatherproof finish, provides your furry friend with a secure and relaxed environment, indoors and outdoor.

8. Cardboard Cat House Scratcher

cardboard cat house

If you care about sustainability, this house can be a thing. This cardboard house is designed to be safe, relaxing, and fun for your cat. Not only for your cat, but also safe for out beloved planet. Though it is made out of cardboard, it is sturdy enough for your cat. Just make sure you locate it in right place, not in the wet and heat place. 

9. Christmas Cat House

out door cat house

 The Christmas tree design is cute and fun, and a good gift for your cat and cat lover!

10. Cute Cat Condo

big cat house

Inside this house, you can find scratching surface that is covered with soft plush fabric. It provides 3 comfortable places (1st floor, 2nd floor and top) for your cats to rest and play. The condo provides 2 spacious hiding places for your cat’s privacy and security. 

11. Small Private Pet House

cat house heating

If you are looking for a house for your kitten, you can try this small pocket house. Its designed for small kitten that love to cuddle and curl up. 

12.Modern Cat House

feral cat house

Your cat will enjoy to take a nap in luxurious comfy, safe and warm place. The design is attractive contemporary look with warm fabric construction. The shape is so unique like a UFO aircraft πŸ˜€

13. Outdoor Wooden Cat House

diy outdoor cat house

This outdoor cat house is equipped  with 2-story, including a climbable stairs, indoor lounge area, and a rooftop balcony with a railing. Those facilities allow your cats do lots of things: play, relax, sunbathe, sleep and fully enjoy their outdoor activities. 

14. Multi Level Cat Tree House

funny cat house

This cat house is like a magic castle, park and room for your beloved kitties. The unique and beautiful design fits all types of housing space. Your cat sure will happy to play inside it!

15. Cute Pink Peach Cat House

cat house idea

Look at that pinky peach shaped house, that is super cute! Imagine you see your cat inside that comfy hideout, I just can’t help it. 

16. Funny Poop Cat House

cat house ideas for winter

Dogs have owners, cats have staff. If you are mad with your cat behavior, maybe you can put your cat inside this house. πŸ˜€

17. Cute Instagram able Cat House

cute indoor cat house

The trouble with sharing one’s bed with cats is that they’d rather sleep on you than beside you. This unique house box will prevent them to disturb your sleep. Not only that, your cat will looks better in instagram inside this house box. 

18. Rattan Cat House

modern indoor cat house

Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it. πŸ˜€ that is why  most people  treat treat their cat like a king. This beautiful rattan house is perfect for your king.

19. Cartoon Cat House

modern cat house design

You got a bad temper cat? this mad cat house is perfect that πŸ˜€

20. Cute Onion Cat House

cute cat house diy

This cute cat house is perfect place for hiding for your introvert cat to recharge their energy. You can totally close the onion to keep the heat inside the house. 

21. I am OCTO-CAT!

super cute cat house

That octopus is look like eating the cat :D. It is so cute for your living room decoration, and of course nice place for your cat to take a nap. 

Cat is lovely pet, I am pretty sure it makes the owner feel so happy because of its cuteness. Providing nice place to stay is a must thing to do, otherwise the king will get angry. I hope this article is useful for you! I really appreciate your support by sharing this cute cat house ideas to your social media account! Thank you so much!

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