Cute Cat Costume for Cats

Alice Clayton

Cute Cat Costume – Funny cat is perfect for special moment or events, whether its for Halloween or birthday occasion. I’m sure, Your cat will become a center of attention. Tons of unique and funny costume you can find in internet easily. Here we compile 20 super hilarious cat costume for your kitty and where you can find it.


1. Unicorn Cat Costume

cute cat costume

Are you trying to dress up your cat to be a colorful and glittery creature for a party? You can dress the cat to look like a cute unicorn. This unicorn costume is light and made from high-quality polyester material. Also, it comes with adjustable velcro to fit the costume well with any size of cats.

2. Donald Trump Wig and Tie

cute cat costumes

Dressing up your cat to look like Donald Trump can be hilarious. This set of wig and tie will make your cat the center of attention at any party. It comes with a Velcro and elastic band to wear to fit well and be comfortable for the cat.

3. Bat Cat Costume

cute cat in costume

This bat cat costume is one of the best Halloween-themed cat products, especially for black cats. And, since it features two adjustable velcros, it will fit most cats comfortably. Undeniably, it will increase your cat’s cuteness level and make it the center of admiration during Halloween night.

4. Lion Mane Costume

cute cat costumes for adults

Any cat can turn terrifyingly adorable when using this lion mane costume. It blends perfectly with the cat’s fur and looks quite realistic. Also, it features fake ears so the real cat ears can tuck comfortably inside the costume. With the use of cotton and polyester material, this costume will be quite reasonable to wear every once in a while.

5. Cowboy Cat Costume

cute cat costumes for halloween

This cowboy cat costume will make a cat look cool and cute at the same time. It will be the perfect costume to put on at Halloween, costume festivals, or other similar parties. Complete with details like a belt, badge, and rope, this costume will be an adorably authentic wild west experience.

6. Pirate cat costume

cute cat costume for adults

Many people still love dressing as a pirate for Halloween. With this costume, you can also make your cat a pirate crew member to your pirate journey. The pirate-costumed cat will undoubtedly make any costume event more entertaining and humorous. Just look at the hooks on both hands!

7. Doctor cat costume

cute toddler cat costume

Turn your cat into a medical professional by putting on this doctor’s costume! Not only does it have a lab coat, but it also features small outfit details like a stethoscope and first aid kit. Moreover, the costume’s material and design make it comfortable, even when the cat is going to the restroom.

8. Flamingo Hat for cats

cute cat ears halloween costume

This flamingo-shaped pet headwear can make your cat cuter without making it feel restrained. It uses soft plush fabric as the material and features an adjustable strap to fit various cat sizes. Furthermore, this flamingo hat has two openings to let the cat’s ears out so it won’t disturb its hearing.

9. Spider costume for cats

cute cat costumes for adults diy

Some people want to dress their cats as a scarier creature than a bat. This spider costume can make your cat both cute and spooky on Halloween night and add a sense of humor to the party. And, the best of all, it is made of breathable felt cloth that is light and environmentally friendly.

10. Dinosaur Cat Costume

cute cat christmas outfits

Turn your cat into the deadliest and toughest predator in the backyard with this dinosaur outfit! Its cotton material will ensure the cat feels comfortable wearing it. However, you might not want your cat to wear this costume for a long time. It will be difficult for the cat to go to the bathroom in this kind of outfit.

11. Cat’s eyeglasses

cheap cute cat costume

Turn your cat into a stylish pet with one of these eyeglasses. There is a wide range of options that you can choose depending on the style that you want to pull off on your cat. They are mainly divided by two, reflective and non-reflective, but you can select the color of the glasses from those two versions.

12. Summer cat shirt

cute cat costume for sale

In case you want your cat to join your summer pool party, this cat shirt will help you create a complete summer look. Since the outfit is made from chiffon, the cat will find it breathable and comfortable, which is suitable for the hot summer weather. And, with the pineapple printed pattern, this outfit will make any cat look cool and fashionable.

13. Fleece cat hoodie

cat costume pets

With this cat hoodie, your cat will be ready to go to any night party. Cats will undeniably look much cooler and funkier as it will blend well to any casual party. However, it comes with different sizes, so make sure you get the right size for your cat.

14. Cat’s tuxedo

cute outfits cat shirt

Sometimes people want to dress their cat a bit more fancy for formal parties. This outfit is one of the best outfits to wear for the cats. Anyway, this one also comes in different sizes, so please choose the one that your cat will find comfortable.

15. Boxer cat costume

Bringing your cat to a costume festival or a cosplay convention can be an excellent idea. This outfit should serve you well if you are looking for a funny pet costume for such events. This costume will instantly turn your cat into a professional boxer.

16. Winter cat costume

winter cat costume

In cold weather, you might want your cat to feel warmer but also look cute and trendy. This fleece winter cat costume is the answer to that. Not only this costume allows the cat to feel warm, but it also lets you bring it to Christmas events as a reindeer cosplay.

17. Super Cat costume

superman cat costume

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Supercat! This superhero cat costume is the right pick if you want to bring your cat to comic book conventions or other similar events. This outfit allows any cat to blend well with most cosplay environments.

18.Musician cat costume

cat with guitar

Turn your cat into the cutest and fluffiest guitar player in town with this outfit. By wearing this outfit, any cat can add a more romantic atmosphere to any party and make everyone fall in love.

19. Donuts Head wear for cats

cat with donuts

Some parties have lots of cakes, what if you bring an extra fluffy cake to it? This donut headwear for your cat will make the party’s atmosphere more fun and hilarious.

20. Chicken cat costume

chicken cat costume

Want to go trick-or-treating with your cat? Make the cat join the Halloween night properly by making the cat wear this outfit. It’s adorable and very comfy for the cat.

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