Author: Crist Burnett

  • unique Tiny house plans ideas

    tiny house plans

    Unique tiny house plans and home designs ideas have a lot more space than they appear. Our selection of tiny house floor plans is guaranteed to contain what you’re looking for, whether you’re trying to build a budget-friendly beginning home, a charming holiday home, or an extra-small guest cottage under 500 square feet, minimize your […]

  • Outdoor hanging plants for tiny house

    outdoor hanging plants

    Outdoor Hanging plants for tiny house – When it comes to adding some life to any space, there are few things as calming and beautiful as a well-placed outdoor hanging plant. Not only do these plants add beauty and greenery, but they can also provide many benefits, both indoor and outdoor that could be in […]

  • tiny house with loft

    What is a tiny house with a loft? A tiny house with a loft – is a new trend in tiny house living. tiny house with loft bedrooms design features an extra bedroom or loft that is separate from the main living area. It’s perfect for larger families or groups who want more space than […]

  • 20 Ideas for tiny house white kitchen coloring

    Tiny house kitchens– can be a challenge to keep organized, but with the right design ideas, they can also be efficient and stylish. One of the best ways to make a small kitchen feel larger is to use light colors. Painting your walls and cabinets white can create an airy, open feeling in even the […]

  • Shipping Container Pool models

    Shipping Containers Pool models– Summer is coming! After the biting cold of winter, this is the ideal time to enjoy the weather. Swimming in your backyard is one of the best summer hobbies. Not only are you taking in the fresh air of a bright day, but you’re also feeling the warmth of family togetherness […]

  • Shipping container house

    Shipping container houses – become a more popular option for people looking for a new home. the one is shipping container homes. shipping containers are cheaper to build than traditional homes, and they are more durable. They can also create a variety of different types of homes, including apartments, condos, and single-family homes. Shipping container […]

  • Small Tiny Brown Bugs in tiny House

    small tiny brown bugs in the house- the term “little brown bug” refers to a group of insects that may be residing between your walls tiny brown bugs in the kitchen and bathroom. The silverfish, beetle, and tick are the three most prevalent types of little brown bugs. Each person has a unique set of […]

  • Place where the cat shouldn’t be

    Place where the cat shouldn’t be cat – is an animal that lives around humans and has an attraction for consolation. you need to keep your cat indoors or keep them away from busy roadways. If your cat has a lot of activity, loves to explore, and has previously been permitted time outside, it might […]

  • Tiny House Bathroom Ideas

    Tiny House Bathroom Ideas- Are you looking for bathroom design ideas for a small space? If you know how to design it right, a small bathroom can be incredibly elegant, functional, and space-efficient. Large bathrooms are an indulgence that most of us would love to have. In truth, every one’s wish list includes a free-standing […]

  • Small Living Room Design

    Small living room design brings urban outfitters for tiny house room ideas. we’ll look at 15 different ways to decorate urban living room ideas. The term ‘urban’ is broad enough to allow for different interpretations from different people. Some may associate it with the digital era, which is characterized by high-tech gadgets and an active […]