The Book Vixen:
The author’s writing style is deliciously addictive. It flowed well, it grabbed my attention and it was written in a fun manner.
I don’t think there was anything about this book that I didn’t like. It was funny, witty and an all-around fun read. This is the kind of book that will take you out of a slump, any kind of slump – reading slump, the weather sucks slump, I ran out of chocolate slump, you name it.


I love reading books with humor laced through them, but even though the books are funny, I rarely catch myself laughing out loud. I may giggle. I may chuckle. But I rarely find myself suddenly laughing big belly laughs where my family members will look over to me to see if I was okay. That happened many times while I was reading this book.

Caught in a fab romance:
If you don’t normally read Contemporaries, The Unidentified Redhead might change your mind. I’ll leave you with this: This is the first book that’s ever made me jealous of a fictional character’s rack. *sigh* I covet Grace’s boobies.

The Unidentified Redhead is a funny, madcap, very smexy romantic contemporary that had me reading all night. A fast paced, smooth flowing story about an older woman and a younger man who embark on a relationship in a town where looks means everything. Filled with plenty of humor, sarcasm, and well developed characters-I didn’t stop laughing till the end.

Grace and Jack are both hilarious to read as their dialog reads like a well rehearsed vaudeville act. They are so much alike that you can feel the spark between them from the first minute they meet.

Alice Clayton is a wonderful addition to the genre of romantic contemporaries. If you like your contemporaries sexy, funny, and made of pure fun then get Alice Clayton’s The Unidentified Redhead and get ready for a wild laughter filled read about Hollywood, cougars, and poo heads.

This book was (hand to god) laugh out loud funny. I loved the humor and banter between Grace and Jack which is why this May/Dec romance worked for me. Usually I always get a feeling the older woman can come across condescending or always concerned about her age, which really doesn’t interest me as a relationship tension builder. Sooooo not the case – right from the start the chemistry and dialogue between Grace and Jack really made me believe he would be attracted to someone like her, who was outgoing, carefree, and didn’t take him too seriously.

KT Grant:
The sensuality level in these books is through the roof. Grace and Jack are like vines on a tree with one another. –KTGrant (erotic author and writes the ktgbabbles blog)

I’ve fallen in love with a new to me author, who if I had read back in 2010, would have been my favorite author that year.

I adore Grace and Jack and want more from them! These two remind me of a pair of comfortable shoes. You put them on and sigh because they’re so comfortable and are great fit. Grace and Jack are just that-a perfect fit. Alice Clayton has written a lovely couple who I’d rate up there with Roarke and Eve from JD Robb’s In Death series. I think perhaps Jack could give Roarke a run for his money.

Alice Clayton has created something special with Grace and Jack. This couple and the way they treat each other is perfect for any romance reader and will now be a part of my keeper shelf with all the rest of my favorite books

Alpha reader:
Together, Jack and Grace are one of my new all-time favourite couples. Clayton writes such heated, smouldering and deliciously lengthy sex scenes so as to wipe-out any sibling/platonic-friendship possibility. I’m talking, JR Ward level of sexiness. I’m talking blush-while-you-read, can’t get enough of the good stuff kind of smutty. Seriously. I’m not surprised that I loved this book so much. Alice Clayton reveals herself as a like-minded soul when she has Grace and Jack swap pop-culture obsessions. Every single movie, actor, TV show and song they exclaim over is one of my shared fixations: Tina Fey, The Corey’s, New Kids on the Block, Van Morrison and The Golden Girls. Oh. My. God! Reading this was the equivalent of going out for martinis with Ms Clayton and swapping lengthy pop diatribes and chortling our way through witty repartee.

Larissa’s Bookish Life:
I LOVED these books! Not only was Grace and Jack’s chemistry off the roof, but their romance was an utterly captivating and engaging one that I couldn’t help but gobble it up as fast as I could. Jack and Grace are HOT and mean really, really HOT together! That’s all I’ve got to say about that .