The love that flows between Jack and Grace scorches the pages. Witty commentary and playful hilarious sexual banter adds laughter and realism to this story. It’s unusual when an author can find a healthy sexual balance that translates well to paper without sounding raunchy.
All in all Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is a phonemically hilarious, snarky, smexy, romantic contemporary that will have you laughing, crying, and fist pumping as we watch our favorite couple; sweet nuts and nuts girl, navigate the highs and lows of life, love, relationships, and the craziness in between.

PS I Love Books:
The emotions in this book run deep, I won’t lie. I cried, my stomach got in knots, I laughed, I was annoyed, you name it. The beauty of this? Alice Clayton made me cry, put my stomach in knots, made me laugh, and annoyed me. Er…you know what I mean; she made me feel annoyed through her characters. Her writing style is conversational and fluid.

The Book VIxen
Alice Clayton delivers steamy romance, witty characters and a barrel full of laughs in The Redhead Revealed. I got exactly what I expected from reading this book: a silly grin slapped across my face from the many laugh-out-loud moments and rosy cheeks from reading those provocative and stimulating scenes. Some of those scenes were so titillating, they made my heart palpitate.-The Book Vixen

The Unread Reader:

While the pace of this novel was slower, I definitely noticed a shift in the writing style. There was still a great deal of humor and wit to enjoy, but I found myself really immersed in the more tender moments. Two scenes in particular had me crying my eyes out, something which I didn’t expect since the first book was so fresh and funny.

Admittedly, I like angst in a story, but when it comes to Grace and Jack, who are both filled with so much personality, it was difficult to see them suffer. I thought it was brave of the author to pull something so risky, but ultimately it was necessary for the storyline and gave added depth to the characters and changed the tone of their relationship in a much needed way. The Unread Reader

About Happy Books:
The serious parts of the story (Grace’s self-doubts, the long distance between Grace and Jack and dealing with the paparazzi) together with the fun scenes full of witty remarks and the very hot sex scenes make this book so special and great.
“The Redhead Revealed” will make you laugh, smile, cry and might also get you thinking about some serious issues.

One Book at a Time:
Where has this series been all my life? It’s just the right touch of everything that makes a book a good read. It had romance (and some steamy sex), funny parts, things that make you cry.

Penelope’s Romance Reviews:
Another wonderful addition to this series. I laughed out loud on the airplane reading this baby. It’s funny, sexy, and has an addictive on-going storyline.

Caught in a FAB Romance:

Ms. Clayton has a really great writing style that showcases the emotions of the characters without being overly descriptive. When Grace and her friends are gossiping, I feel like I’m sitting right there, gossiping along with them.